How to Remove Screen Protector from Phone

How to Remove Screen Protector from Phone

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If the screen protector on your phone is damaged, scratched, or otherwise compromised, then it has fulfilled its function. The screen protector has taken the impact to protect your phone. To remove screen protector is necessary if you want to add a new one. Fortunately, most phones make it easy to remove the protector. What follows is a couple of methods that will help you understand how to remove screen protector while protecting your phone. But before you can actually remove glass screen protector, you will need to prepare it so that it will slide out easier.

How to remove broken phone glass screen protector

Remove Phone Screen With Hair Dryer
Train a hair dryer on the screen at the low setting for about 15 seconds. This will help to loosen the adhesive which holds the screen protector in place. Do not leave the hair dryer on the screen protector for much longer otherwise, it might warp and make it more difficult to remove.

Method #1 Remove glass screen protector by hand.

Step #1: After heating up the screen with a hairdryer, the next step is using your fingernail to get under one of the corners of the protector itself. If your fingernails are too short, try a toothpick instead. You’ll want to avoid metal objects as one slip might damage your phone even more.

Step #2: Once you start moving the protector, you can stop pulling upward and instead pull it away from the phone itself. The goal is to keep it in one piece as it is moving. This means going slowly and watching for separations in the plastic.

Step #3: You can pull from different locations on the protector to keep things moving evenly.


Be sure to take out the screen protector over the table or even a trash can if the loose pieces should start to fall away.

Method #2  Duct Tape

This simple, but effective method works when your fingernail or toothpick is not a viable option.

Step #1: Roll a piece of duct tape between your fingers and let the sticky part stay on the outside.

Step #2: Next, press the duct tape into a corner of the screen protector and start to roll it away slowly. The goal is to have the duct tape attach itself to the protector so it will start to pull it naturally.

Step #3: If it sticks, then you should be able to remove the screen protector fairly easily by pulling it up and away.

remove screen protector using duct tape

Again, be mindful of the pieces. Which means removing the protector over a trash can or a flat surface such as a table to keep the pieces in view.

To remove the screen protector should be simple and straightforward. Be sure to have the new screen protector at the ready to replace the old one.

If neither method works, consult with the operator’s manual for your particular brand of phone. You should be able to find instructions online if you have a specialty or unusual phone. Otherwise, to remove glass screen protector should be relatively easy to do.

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