Top 3 ways to recover data from a broken android screen

Top 3 ways to recover data from a broken android screen

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Let’s suppose that you dropped your phone into the floor by injury, and the android phone display screen is cracked, Or the smartphone is broken or dead due to other reasons like virus assault in everyday life, how restore contacts, messages from android phone with broken screen? The right way to restore all of your precious memories like pictures, videos, and more on the phone? Troublesome, right? in this article below, you will discover the best ways to android broken screen data recovery

restore data from broken android phone using data recovery

Android Broken Screen? Things You Need To Know

Check android broken screen Insurance

In older times, the physical damage like a broken/cracked android phone screen wasn’t covered below the free service fixes from the producer. But as a result of this insurance policy scheme these days, that helps to ensure you may find yourself a free broken phone screen replacement in case you’ve insured one. Assess in case you have just one or maybe. If yes, then stroll up to and including the nearest support center and also get your broken phone display substituted.

restore contacts android

Deal with that tiny glass

If you’re trying to wash off the shattered display bits. If you are opting to accomplish this, be extremely cautious throughout, or else the very small glass bits may hurt your fingers, and eventually, you may even bleed. Therefore, to avoid any cuts and bruises, ensure appropriate safety with rubber gloves or even any additional safety equipment. If needed, seal the device monitor with translucent tape or put a display protector just before touching it.

3 ways to restore data from android phone with a broken screen

1- Recover data from an Android phone using a PC

To recover data from your Android broken screen, you are able to count on the help of your PC. Before beginning, we ought to activate USB debugging in the setup of this Android phone, to ensure the smartphone will be accepted by the PC

android broken screen transfer data to pc

  • Connect your Android broken screen phone to your computer with a MicroUSB cable.
  • You can watch an AutoPlay popup on your own computer the moment your phone is connected and recognized by the personal computer. Click on the Open folder to view files possibility.
  • Copy and paste the folders and files which you would like to recover from your own android phone’s internal memory to your personal computer.

Finish with the aforementioned measures; you can successfully recover and transfer contact, data from Android phone to your computer. Then you can disconnect your mobile and get it repaired. Your information will soon be safe in your own personal computer.

2- Restore Data from Broken Android Via Data Extraction (Dr.fone)

Step 1: Download Dr.fone android data extraction and install it on your computer.

android data recovery app

Use a micro USB cable to connect your broken Android phone to your computer

android file recovery

Step 2: Select all folder that you need to backup and click recover

When your Android phone becomes attached, then you’ve got to select folders you need to copy. Remember, a single thing that Backup & Restore to get Android has checked all of the folders types for you personally by default. After this, simply click on recovery so that you can start the backup process (android data extraction).

broken screen data recovery

This will take a short while to fill out the backup approach. Thus, make sure you do not disconnect your Android phone and likewise usually do not utilize the apparatus delete any data about your android phone as soon as the backup method is in advance.

When the backup has been completed, you can then just select a path to save the recovered data

android data extraction

3- Broken Android Data Recovery – iSkysoft

STEP 1: Connect the broken android phone to your computer

Please connect your android broken screen to a USB port on your computer. Following that, you have to download and run the iSkysoft Toolbox (android data recovery) program on your computer. On the homepage of the application, select the “Recover” option

Connect the broken android phone to your computer
STEP 2: Select the document that you need to recover

Pick the “recover data from broken phone” from the toolbox and then select what sorts of information from broken android data recovery that you would like to recover. Next, please tap “Start” to proceed.

Select the document that you need to recover
STEP 3: Choose issues facing the device

In the port below, the software will reveal to you two kinds of problems facing your Android phone. Please choose one of them and click on it.

Choose issues facing the device

STEP 4: scan your data from the broken phone
The data is scanning now from your broken phone. Please do not disconnect your device prior to the scan ends.

scan your data from the broken phone

Step 5: Restore or recover data from broken phone
In the end, all of your data from the Android broken screen will be categorized and displayed within the software. View these files and select the valuable information you need. After this is done, just tap on”Recover” to save them on pc.

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