4 Ways to send large Videos on Android

4 Ways to send large Videos on Android

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As our iPhone or Android phones are still playing a bigger part in our life, it is just natural that we will want to utilize them for larger tasks. Send large video files, for instance. For those who have something in your phone that’s 1GB or perhaps only a hundred megabytes, it is already too large to send it via email. There are loads of workarounds to that issue. We are going to show you a suggestion and a couple of excellent services and apps that allow you to send large video files on Android.

How to send large videos from Android to Android using computer

As a consumer, you can quickly connect and access the memory of your cellphone through your PC. So, mostly it isn’t hard to send large video files from Android to Android. Consequently, if your goal is to discover how to send videos on Android.

  • First of all, connect two of your Android phones with two micro cables in one computer. then two of your android phones will appear in your computer

how to send large videos on android

  • After that, proceed to”My Computer,” you’ll discover that both the devices found as a”Portable Device,” Today, if you put in a”Portable Device” icon, then you may reach the internal storage of that Android device.

how to send large videos on android

  • In the internal storage, it’s evident that all your videos will probably keep from the” Videos or photos” folder. Now, start the” Video” folder of the two android phones then pick the videos that you want to send into another android phone. After that, please copy and paste them onto another folder.

how to send large videos on android

In the end, your large videos or photos have transferred to another destination Android phone. Therefore, as was educated previously, it isn’t tricky to send large video files from the android device into another, especially if you are using copy past to finish your task.

Send video from Android using google drive

if you need to send video from Android to numerous individuals more than a week; then, you can fire up Google Drive. This method takes some more steps, but neither you nor the receivers will require to download new apps.

Google Drive remains the best way to send video on Android that has to be convenient for more than a few of days.

First, identify the document which you wish to send and also utilize the share menu to send or share it mechanically. Now you can pick the folder, so take notice of this place it’s possible to ship it. You can enable the add to appear from the background, start up the Drive app, also see the info board on the file. Harness share link and also you have the choice of sending significant video using almost any messaging program into your mobile or simply copying it in the clipboard.

send large video from android

If you want to quit sharing large video files or any documents at any moment, head back to the data panel and scroll right down to this “Who has access” header. Alternatively, delete it.

It is reasonably an excellent plan to find the apps ready to go just in case. That should keep you well covered, no matter what type of document (large video or photos) sharing crisis comes up.

How to send video files from Android to iPhone using dropbox?

Today, individuals are increasingly embracing the most advanced technologies; as an example, many individuals save their photographs and videos into cloud services, such as Dropbox. That lets you access those contents at any device, and also you can send video from android to iPhone or any other devices.

  • Install the Dropbox app on both the iPhone and Android phones. Open the Dropbox app on Android phones and register on your account. If you don’t have, then you can subscribe to a new one inside the app.

how to send long videos on android using drop box

  • Tap the”Add file” menu using an icon at the bottom right corner and pick the “Upload pictures or videos.” Once redirected to the gallery, you can inspect out the boxes to the videos that you want to send or share into iPhone or Android. After tap the”Upload” button at the bottom of the display, the videos will be uploaded into a Dropbox account.

how to send long videos on android

  • Next, turn in your own iPhone and start using the Dropbox app. Sign in precisely the same account and visit the folder. By default, Dropbox can save all pictures and videos from the folder. 

Send large videos on android using Wetransfer

WeTransfer is your go-to site for anybody who has found themselves at a file-sending rut and wanted to have stuff done with minimal annoyance. It permits you to send 2GB of long videos or photos free of charge and 20GB if you have a premium version.

Send large videos on android using Wetransfer

WeTransfer comes with an Android variant, although if you would rather save on disc space, it’s possible to use the browser version via your mobile phone. The browser version is more accessible in specific ways, since the application is a little more elaborate your additional files from “Boards,” allowing you to share links, also, to immediately send large videos or files.

Send large videos on android using Wetransfer

Employing WeTransfer is quite straightforward. You enter your email (so that the receiver knows that it is from so you receive a notification as soon as your file has been opened and received ), enter the receiver’s email, then add your files

Send large videos on android using Wetransfer


Applying one or all the above mentioned, all of your large file-sending requirements on Android ought to be dealt with. The capability to really send massive files via Gmail through Google Drive is very useful, and it is a small puzzle why Google has not incorporated this feature to the Android variant yet. Hopefully, it is only an issue of time, since it will make the entire process much easier.

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